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Huashen group was founded in 2009. It is located in the beautiful coastal city--Ningbo with its headquarter in the city center --Yinzhou Chamber of Commerce office building.
It includes 8 subsidiary companies:
1. Ningbo Tongda Precision Casting Co.,Ltd.  (1993)

2. Ningbo Fenghua Tongda Innovative Alloy Technology Co.,Ltd..  (2005)

3. Zhejiang Huajian Medical Engineering Co.,Ltd. (2004)

4. Ningbo Weirong Automobile Parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd.  (2004)

5. Ningbo Inrise International Trading Co.,Ltd. (2004)

6. Hongkong Inrise Group Co.,Ltd.(2004)

7. Ningbo QuanLing Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. (2011)

8. Ningbo Innovative Generation Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. (2011)

With more than 20 years experience in the casting industry, HuaShen group has gradually developed into a comprehensive enterprise. Now it has covered the field of casting, medical engineering, medical equipment etc. The group is keeping rapid and efficient development. At present, based on its smooth implementation into industrial chain extension and  internationalization strategy,  it is accelerating its step on industrial transformation.

We believe in the near future, Huashen Group will eventually become an influential group company both home and abroad.

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